Mobile Bingo Apps: All You Need to Consider

Speaking of bingo, we must admit that it has all gone portable. Online games needed over a decade to defeat land-based halls, but the transition from PC to smartphone and tablet was lightning fast. Having the best games and offers is hardly sufficient nowadays, but players want to take their fun with them. They need seamless experience across the different platforms.

Naturally, operators who can offer that win at least the opening fight and attract more new players. This article will elaborate on how to play on your device, what to look for when choosing and what you can expect. But, let us start with some of the top names in the sphere. All of them are checked and verified by us for the validity and quality of their deals.

Our Top Offer: Tailor-Made for You

Before going on to explain the issues of playing on the move in details, let’s take a look at the top deal we have come by. Wink Bingo is an operator powered by Dragonfish, which offers unmatched experience. In your phone browser, you can play free bingo, 90 and 75 ball games, pre-buy tickets for the progressive jackpot games and enjoy some exclusive promotions. And here is the best part: if you join the site through our link, you will be eligible for Wink’s enhanced bonus. Put down a tenner using bonus code BEST and get £55 free. Thus, you can start the ride with a substantial amount that will allow you to get the real taste of all the games of the operator.

What Do the Best Mobile Sites Offer?

Plenty of bingo operators out there promise an outstanding smartphone and tablet fun. How many tell the truth, actually? I have been on bingo sites that promote their platform, but when I tried to join them on my Android, it turned out they didn’t hold true to their promise. Features were missing, services were not as high-quality as declared. I admit that it is a huge task to test all your selected brands one by one. We’ve tried and made it easier for you. Look at the check-list below and make sure the site you choose makes clear statements with regard to the points.

Here is what the best sites offer

Games re the most important characteristic in a bingo brand. We choose by their variety mainly. There are other factors which influence us, it’s true, but what we can play remain our top consideration. The problem with some bingo operators is that they haven’t developed all of their games for portable devices. That way, no matter what amazing titles you can enjoy on their desktop sites, when you visit them on your phone, you may not find your favourite ones. Other operators offer just slots. As great as they can be, that is not the stuff which makes players pick their brand. Actually, it can be really disappointing when you finally get your chosen brand on your iPad or Android and find out it doesn’t feature bingo. We make sure the sites we review have equally good offers for your desktop and your handset. In case they don’t, you will know.

Bonuses are another characteristic due to which people prefer a particular bingo brand over another. In this respect, mobile sites are not much different from their desktop counterparts. If a brand has a good online bonus, it will most probably be valid for smartphone users, as well. The extra feature comes when the operator launches some exclusive bonus offer that is only good on the go. There are such cases, although not so often. Every time we evaluate a site, we will inform you of any special deals. Besides the welcome bonuses, promotions that are made for players on the move are also of great interest to us. Our articles contain that information, too.

Software compatibility sounds extraterrestrial until the moment you buy a Blackberry or a new Windows phone. It is very likely that you find out the site which assured you in many words that it is good on all devices, and all operating systems won’t open in your device browser. I have met brands which do open and even let you join them, but if you want to play, you need to visit their desktop or choose a different OS. The good bingo sites develop their games and promotions for different systems and various devices. Some require you to play in landscape mode only, and others look unfriendly on smaller screens, but still, they extend the offering. Of course, we don’t expect people to choose their devices according to the availability of mobile bingo apps, but our reviews will notify you of all things to consider in this respect.

Banking options are of great importance when playing on the go, because without the possibility to fund your account, you can’t play all the games you want and that will spoil the good things about playing on portable devices. That is the reason why most operators accept various payments in their apps. It is another matter whether all the methods are available, though that is usually so. As far as withdrawals go, not all offer them. With regard to banking history, the case is similar: many operators invite you to visit their websites for the full details. Yet, checking your history is not crucial in relation to playing. Websites try to offer light versions so that players may enjoy them unencumbered. They leave history and less necessary features aside.

How to Play Bingo on Your Phone and Tablet

Playing on your handset is easy, of course. As long as you don’t worry about the screen size and how you will manage to touch the required fields, you won’t meet any obstacles. Whether you choose to download a native app, or prefer to play directly in your browser, the steps you need to follow are more or less uniform.

Devices powered by iOS often have dedicated native applications developed for them. The bingo rooms usually offer an easy link to the App Store from where you can download the free app and it will be installed on your smartphone or tablet. When it does, you just need to sign up and enjoy the games. Players with Android devices may also download and install a free native app. This time, it will be downloaded directly from the bingo operator, because the Google Play will not allow real-money gambling apps on their store. Remember to change your device settings to accept apps from “unknown sources”. Normally, there is an instruction how to do that.

But, in case there isn’t a native app, customers playing on Android phones and tablets may simply use their browsers and load the website of the bingo. Saving a bookmark will make it easier for you to reach the web-based app next time you want to play. Signing up and playing is the same as it is on the desktop site. When you close the app, for security reasons you log out of it. From time to time access to the site is even simpler. Bingo operators offer a QR code which, when scanned will open the web application on your handset. The best follows: you can play anywhere. Your account and your activity will be synchronised across your devices.

What to Look for When You Download Bingo Apps?

A lot of bingo operators don’t offer native apps at all. They develop their smartphone and tablet offering in HTML5 and it is good on all OS, given you’re using some of the latest versions. Although it looks like the “lower-quality” thing, web applications, as these are known, have definite advantages over native ones. In brief, don’t worry that you will need to download large program packages that can slow down your device and will eat up its memory. Even when a website offers a native app, players are usually given to choose whether to take advantage of it, or play in the browser.

When you download apps, on the other hand, there are some of things you need to consider. Here, we offer a short list of them and an explanation why they are important:

The use of mobile devices globally Mobile devices are used increasingly around the world, for online business, shopping and entertainment.

Playing on the Go Is Covered in Our Reviews

As you saw, this could be a whole new topic. Besides the normal technical facts and figures, various brands may use different tools to attract and retain their users with tablets. Our reviews will cover that aspect of the operators, and will try to present you, the readers, with the best possible solutions, the top deals and the most interesting and useful details about each brand. Whichever operating system you choose for your device and whichever bingo site you prefer, we’ll do our best to inform you about the possibilities to take full advantage of their platform.

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